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Creator & Placemaker



Thanks for visiting this site. I’m an artistic director based primarily in Cambridge & London, though also travelling further afield. My focus as you’ll see throughout this site is on music & sound…but I’ve avoided calling myself a composer or a conductor, although nearly every project I work on involves an element of both. This is because my background is perhaps an unusual one - an equal weighting of business and music. On the business front I’ve worked in - or as a consultant to - large corporates, small start-ups, academic institutions, business schools and entrepreneurial incubators… all focused on that one moment of communication where the complexity inside someone’s head has to reach an audience. It’s not dissimilar to music, in some ways.

But music has been my full-time work for the last ten years, both on my own projects and where I’m commissioned by others. I’ve collaborated with global bands such as Basement Jaxx, created and delivered the groundbreaking and totally immersive ‘In The Dark’ series in 2017-19, composed film scores and original music for the launch of multiple new buildings and to celebrate key milestones in the history of institutions and their architecture, set stunning poetry to music and premiered it in one of the most beautiful acoustics in the country, and finally alongside this developed a strong skill set working with singers, musicians, producers and venues, pushing them all to achieve extraordinary things.

I’m obsessed by music in situ - where it is performed, who it is meant to engage, and what it’s meant to achieve, and if you’re a marketing agency, a film director, an events company, a festival, a corporate or an architect looking to create site specific, original work that moves people, then I’d love to hear from you.

Click here for more work about sound & placemaking projects I’ve worked on, and here for more information on other compositions.