—  sound placemaker  —

Sound impacts our experience of the world - and of place - as much as the structures and spaces, the colours, tastes, scents and texts, and the materials we touch. How can you move people physically or emotionally (or even both) through sound and music? Which sounds sing in the air, and which fail? What’s the history of a place, and its future, and how can this be reflected in music? And how can music & sound challenge, surprise and delight people, sometimes all at once?

In the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. ‘Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music’. Over the past 6 years I have worked on projects with a range of organisations and institutions, composing, directing choirs, staging productions & sound shows, recording in studios and creating live immersive sound experiences, all responding to and creating a sense of place. I work across many genres including indie, EDM, electro dub, film, world, choral, ambient, classical piano and more.


—  Major institutional anniversary, Cambridge —
artistic direction of a 30 minute ‘light & sound extravaganza’ to celebrate a significant birthday at one of the Cambridge colleges within the grounds of its main court, weaving together live performances, video interviews, original compositions and narration
2019 (current)

—  In The Dark, London / Cambridge / Suffolk —
an experimental, totally in the dark, highly-acclaimed sound experience, performed live in 5 historic venues, involving 60-120 vocalists & musicians surrounding audiences ranging in size from 50-250 people, all experiencing total immersion with sleep masks; described by many as the best musical experience of their lives

—  The Simon Sainsbury Building, Judge Business School  —
commission of a global ‘corridor of sound’ along an avenue of trees leading to the entrance of the business school, marking the opening of the new building; attended by HRH Prince Andrew; involved composition and recording of a 15-minute electronic global track to reflect the student body, plus artistic direction (and staging) with live improvising musicians

—  The Choirs, Storey’s Way Centre  —
collaboration with visual artist Melanie Manchot for the opening of the new University of Cambridge Eddington community space, involving the setting of text to choral music, performed live with rap artist Xidus and small choir, along side ‘choirs’ of clowns, actors and pagans…

—  Museum of Earth Sciences, Cambridge  —
curation of a light touch ‘late night’ evening event with a winter theme to entertain a museum audience in situ and entice them to explore the physical space

—  The Atrium, Judge Business School  —
collaboration with visual artist Caroline Wright to mark the opening of her exhibition in response to the development of the new Simon Sainsbury centre alongside its adjacent, existing, atrium at the Judge Business School; involved composition of a polyphonic 5 part track setting poetry to voice, reflecting and staged within the astonishing interior of the ‘old’ building

—  Parker’s Piece  —
composition of site-specific text / music (plus arrangement, recording and live performance) as part of Le Tour de France in Cambridge, in response to the history of Parker’s Piece (think cricket, and football!)