Photo credit: Wendy Turner

Photo credit: Wendy Turner

My musical career started at the tender age of 7 when I played the Entertainer at an Old Time Music Hall concert in a village hall with my back to the audience… apparently I was too shy to turn the piano around and consequently people thought it was being played behind a curtain by an adult! In 1989 I was named West Suffolk Young Musician of the Year and in the late 80's won a music scholarship to Uppingham School, followed by a choral scholarship to study music at Trinity College, Cambridge. During my time at Trinity I sang, toured and recorded as part of the highly regarded Trinity Choir, under conductor Richard Marlow. However, neither life as a pianist or pursuing becoming a singer felt ‘right’, so I moved towards my other passion of business & entrepreneurship… admittedly a slightly unexpected route for a musician.

For 15 years I worked in both London and Cambridge in the world of tech startups and finance, building expertise in pitching (a different form of sound communication) and keeping music as an unresolved hobby. Finally though, it won out. In 2010, I created the ground-breaking sound experience company, We Are Sound, calling on all my musical and entrepreneurial skills. Three years later I founded the not-for-profit Dosoco music foundation to run alongside We Are Sound - Dosoco has gone on to give out over £20,000 to projects using sound and music to change the world - and in 2018 I was listed as one of NESTA and The Observer’s #50newradicals for this work.

In between all of that, I have worked with visual artists and cultural projects, sound designers, poets and musical collaborators on sound placemaking, institutional celebrations, film scores and sound experiences. If I can be of help to your project, please do drop me a line.